26 November 2018

Rite of Passage

Rites of passage are significant milestones in a boy's time in the Senior School and mark transition points in their growth and development into young men. The past three weeks have seen boys take the next steps in their own transition with the Year 12 boys returning for the start of term in their striped blazer. This is the first time the whole cohort has worn the blazer after watching previous Year 12 cohorts do so in past years. While the wearing of a striped blazer may appear to be simply a cosmetic change, it represents much more in the lives of the boys and the Senior School. The leadership culture at Scotch College is one where all boys are expected to lead by example, support those around them and accept responsibility. Leadership is the ability to influence, guide and support others; it is not a position.

Year 12 marching

With Year 11 WACE and all Year 12 Diploma and WACE boys in examinations over the past two weeks we observed another important rite of passage as the Year 10 boys assumed responsibility for the daily running and leadership around the campus. Boys in Year 10 led the School, each House and Pipe Band during marching on Friday mornings, delivered Chapel readings and performed duties around the campus during break times. It is rewarding to watch the boys move into these positions and grow into their roles as leaders in their respective areas.

Year 10 marching

Dr Rob McEwan

Head of Senior School