15 October 2018

Online Learning Tools

The technology available to us and our students is forever expanding and we need a way to keep ourselves and our students skilled up with these various tools that we use. Other than the in class walkthroughs and tutorials we have another solution available to our students, .an online learning website called Lynda.com. Basically this website creates videos and resources to help anyone learn business, software, technology and creative skills. The beauty of this resource is that it can be used either at the teachers direction during a unit of learning, or for your son to simply explore something himself. For example, if your son wanted to learn more on how to manipulate photos using Adobe Photoshop, there are hundreds of tutorials to walk through from very basic to expert level skills. Alternatively, if a boy wants to learn coding using anything from Python to Java to IOS app development, there are online lessons that will assist this. If your son has a passion for videography, photography, coding, drawing, or animation we have many pieces of software and the online learning resources to help them on their way. Please encourage you boys to come and talk with me to find out more.

Mr Jared Faint

Middle School ILT Integration Specialist