26 November 2018

Art News

As we draw close to the end of glorious Autumn and with the imminent change of the season, Monday's crisp but dry morning was the perfect opportunity to take the pre-primary class to visit what has become known as 'Bush School'.

Students fully prepared with raincoats, gumboots and enthusiasm as lady luck and the Autumnal sun was shining upon us.

The current central theme of emotion lead the students' focus upon the feeling of happiness. The boys gathered much of nature's finest treasures; green, gold and brown. Working collaboratively in small groups and as a whole class, the boys created ephemeral artworks to represent the idea of happiness. Directed by their own thoughts, the boys chose to create the image of a smiling face. I am enchanted by the idea to create art which belongs to the land, with the possibility of leaving behind for another to discover.

We shall continue to be inspired by the British sculptor Andy Goldsworthy, who produces site-specific sculpture and land art situated in natural and urban settings.

Jane Roche

Junior Art Specialist