26 November 2018

Senior School Musical

The Addams Family is an original Broadway musical, which opened its first season in 2010. Scotch College presents this vibrant, family-friendly show from Monday 13 June until Saturday 18 June 2016. It is the first musical produced at Scotch in over a decade and promises to be a great event with over 40 boys involved from Year 8 - 12 and being accompanied by none other than the Perth Symphony Orchestra. Tickets can be purchased via the link on the Scotch College website, or by clicking on this link:

The Addams Family Musical

the Addams Family


For centuries, the Addams Family and their ghoulish ancestors have lived a blissfully macabre existence in their exclusive residence in the dark heart of Central Park. When Wednesday Addams falls in love with the 'regular' Lucas Beineke, two worlds are set to collide. As Gomez and Morticia prepare to host a dinner in honour of the Beinekes, Uncle Fester presses the Addams ancestors into service - to ensure the triumph of love! In one normal night, secrets are disclosed, mystical potions sampled and relationships tested. Can this anarchy be repaired? Or will you all leave feeling vaguely depressed? Let's find out, shall we?

Mr Bennet Andrews

Arts Teacher