10 September 2018

Physical Education News

The boys have been incredibly busy the past few weeks as they immerse themselves in their ball skills unit in Autumn term. The Year 3 and 5 students have been focusing on footy and soccer, cementing their core skills and then using these in game situations. It has been great to see the improvement that all the boys have been showing in their core running, kicking and passing skills.

The Year 4 boys have been focusing on the sports that they are participating in their Year 4 JPSSA Carnivals against Hale and Christ Church. After a successful soccer carnival, they now turn their attention to rugby and the Carnival that will be held at Hale in Week 10, Thursday 30 June.

In Year 1 and 2 Ms Clancy has been hard at work with the little ones cementing their core catching and kicking skills in the impressive and intensive program she runs with the boys. It has been amazing to see their progress over a short few weeks as they grow in confidence and ability.

Mr Scott Whiston

Head of Junior School Physical Education