10 September 2018

Junior School Resource Centre

Over the long weekend I had the privilege of attending the Western Australian School Library Conference and listening to inspiring author Tristan Bancks. Tristan is the author of the crime suspense novel Two Wolves, and the series My Life and Max Slater. Tristan shared the following five writing tips for young people:

  1. Read great books
  2. Mash truth and fiction together. Use your own life then add imagination (This was a replica of the advice given to the Year 4/5 boys when they had a workshop with indigenous author Boori Pryor last term)
  3. Get outside (Tristan lives in the enviable location of Byron Bay NSW and uses the notes function on his iphone to write whist walking on the beach. He can walk for over 2 hours and write up to 3500 words in that time. Now that is what I call dovetailing tasks)
  4. Use technology to gather pictures, music, videos and voice memos for inspiration.
  5. Rewrite & rewrite & rewrite, then share your stories with the world

The link to Tristan's webpage is here for those who would like more information Tristan Bancks Website.

Mrs Kathryn Salt

Junior School Teacher-Librarian