18 June 2018

7.6T Investigates Liveability and Australian Values

This term in iLearn the Year 7 students have been exploring what makes a place liveable. We have explored liveability factors such as Environmental Quality, Access to Health Care, Educational Opportunities, Quality of Infrastructure, Safety, Stability and Culture.

Within the cultural aspects of liveability we have looked specifically at Australia and what makes up Australian values. We explored some Australian values such as freedom, respect, inclusion, civility, responsibility, compassion, equality and a "Fair Go". We also learnt about some of the various cultures that have contributed towards the making of Australia. These cultures were Indigenous Australian, New Zealander, Greek, Chinese and American.

The 7T class performed at the Middle School Assembly celebrating these cultures. It was fantastic to see Year 7 boys performing dances to "Treaty", "Zorba's Dance", "Kung Fu Fighting" and "Surfin' USA". The New Zealand group also did a great performance of the Haka!

Assemblies are a great opportunity for students to exhibit knowledge they have gained from classroom activities. From their assembly performance the 7T students demonstrated many of the IB Learner Profiles such as Thinker, Open-Minded, Knowledgeable and Risk-Taker.

Mr Peter Tresise

7.6T Homeroom Teacher