15 October 2018

Headmaster's Commendations


Alex Chew

Alex showed considerable initiative whilst attending the 2016 Moray camp with the 8F group. He consistently strived to do his best to care for those around him and never put his individual needs first. Whenever the group was asked of anything, Alex would take it upon himself to do the actions required for the sake of the group without complaint. He shows the Principled and Caring Learner Profiles entrenched in the IB and it is for this reason he is a worthy recipient of being acknowledged for a commendation.


Nicholas Verryn

Having observed Nicholas' actions whilst attending the 2016 Moray camp with the 8F group, it can be said that he goes above and beyond the expectations of a student. His kindness, thoughtfulness and empathy shown toward other students highlights the fact that Nicholas aims to put others needs over his own. Whenever other members in the group, including staff, were having trouble, Nicholas would offer his assistance. His ability to communicate and inspire others around him is credit to his true values and makes him a worthy recipient of a commendation.


Angus Hume

Angus has always aimed to do his best. At the 2016 Moray camp, Angus faced some very tough challenges in which he needed to overcome. Those including the ropes course, canoeing and hiking. With encouragement from his fellow peers, Angus was able to use the Risk Taker Learner Profile attribute the IB encourages, and overcame many of his perceived fears. He has shown himself that he is incredibly capable of achieving something with hard work and determination. This has been noticed in class by the teachers where Angus has shown a big improvement in achieving the desired outcome from his school assessments. It is for these reasons that Angus is a worthy commendation recipient.


Ashley Edgar

As well as producing outstanding academic work in both English and Humanities, Ashley is a class leader in modelling all of the very finest attributes of the International Baccalaureate and Scotch College, and this has a positive influence on his peers. He is an exceptional young man.


Daniel Cooper

Daniel has been an extremely welcome addition to Scotch College. He has a thirst for knowledge, consistently applies himself to his academic studies and works with a quiet determination to achieve personal success. Daniel is an extremely respectful, principled young man who sets a fine example for his peers to follow.


Matthew Kerfoot

Matthew is an extremely polite, caring young man who consistently demonstrates a love for learning. He collaborates with his peers, values the opinions of others and works with integrity and honesty. Matthew exhibits an unwaivering commitment to his studies and always works to his potential. He is an asset to the College.


Oscar Bird

Oscar has displayed a keen interest in every part of life at Scotch College. He has involved himself with enthusiasm in class reflecting on his work and improving each time. Oscar works positively in cooperative learning situations, caring for the boys with whom he works. He contributes his ideas in class giving answers and asking questions that show his thoughtful open-minded approach. Oscar is a young man of honesty and integrity who seeks to develop as many aspects of his learning that he can, both in and out of the classroom. He is an asset to Scotch College and he should be very proud of his accomplishments.


Andrew Steel

Andrew is a courteous and caring member of the Scotch community. He consistently works to his personal best, even when he is struggling with some of the concepts. Andrew contributes in positive ways in our classroom, helping out without being asked to do so and doing it without reward. On a number of occasions his peers have voted him as one of the most caring and generous in the class. Andrew is compassionate to the needs of other students even when he himself is struggling. He shows integrity in his dealings with others, both peers and staff. Andrew is an asset to Scotch College and should be proud of his service to others.


Hugh Mitchell

Hugh approaches all his class work with an intrinsic motivation to do his absolute best. He takes pride in his work and he will often ask questions to clarify concepts or extend his knowledge. Hugh has outstanding manners and treats all members of the Scotch community with respect. He should be particularly commended on his Mongolia Appeal which collected donations of stationary and colouring books for children in hospital in Ulaanbaatar.