18 June 2018

Scotch SCUBA Club

The Scotch SCUBA Club ran once again on Sunday 29 May. Due to poor weather in the weeks leading up to the dive we were unsure of how the day would turn out. Thankfully, the gods smiled on us and we enjoyed sunshine, warmth and low wind. The swell however, probably suited Kelly Slater on his surfboard more than the four of us with our scuba gear on our backs. The swell also led to one of the boys making himself lighter by relieving himself of his breakfast. A theory that paid off at the time, but not one I recommend.

Our first dive was at a reef on the southern side of Rottnest called Raines Reef. This dive site drops down to 24m but due to our qualifications, we were only able to go down to 18m. We hovered in what could be best described as a sand storm underwater. The swell and storms over recent weeks had indeed made diving challenging. The occasional glimpse of a fish or some reef/seaweed as well as a small stingaree, filled the 28min and before we knew it, we were surfacing and making our way back on board for lunch.

After lunch, we moved closer to shore and went for our next dive around Henrietta Rocks. The skipper hoped that because the site had a maximum depth of 5m, conditions would be clearer. Conditions did improve, but not by much. We went underwater, and due to the low depth and high pressure, used less oxygen and therefore were able to dive for over 60min. This was great for our skills and experience and although we once again didn't see much, it is always great to be under water.


Three boys participated; Darcy Frazer (Year 10, Ferguson), Michael Hawkins (Year 10, Ferguson), Thomas Reymert (Year 11, Brisbane). Hopefully more students will become involved in the programme and keep all of our skills and experience up to date. And with such a BBQ lunch provided, how can you not join in??

Mr Alistair Steele

Outdoor Education