18 June 2018

6.1S Politics in Action!

This week the boys of 6S have been exploring the history of Australia's Government and Political Systems. With a federal election quickly approaching, the topics of Federation and the roles of Local, State and Federal Government have been a focus.

After exploring how Australia's voting system works and how an election is conducted, the boys have put together their own class political parties. They have brainstormed issues and developed policies relating to topics around the School that they are passionate about including; the menu at the canteen, lengths of break times, sports choices and new options for leisure activities.

In creating campaign posters, slogans and speeches, examples from past elections in Australia and the USA have been favourites. Some of these have been adapted to create slogans and posters to be displayed around the room.

We look forward to having a brief presentation from each party prior to our class election and finding out who will be our class Prime Minister for the end of the term.

Mr Justin Shaw

6S Homeroom Teacher