10 September 2018

Perspectives from the 8F New Boys to Scotch College

Having nearly completed a semester at the College, the new recruits in the 8F classroom, have shared their perspectives on the dimensions that are on offer in Year 8.

Learning @ Scotch: "This year I have got an opportunity to do lot of lessons and activities that I have never got the chance to do before like using the laser cutter in Product Design or filming and editing in Media Studies. I have also found that in the important subjects, like Maths, English, and Science; lessons are more challenging and we don't revise as much. They teach us and move straight on and the revising is our choice but I like this" James Rex

Year 8 Boarding: "Where to start!! This year I have started a new school which does boarding. In the boarding house we have a variety of different things to do. On weekdays we have a routine that we stick to until Year 12. On weekends we can go out on leave with parents and friends. We have lots of socials with other schools." Liam Gollan

Year 8 Leadership: "From my experience of Leadership at Scotch, we have been focusing on different key aspects of social life, community service, and what it means to be a good leader. Mr. Felgate (my teacher) has spread his wisdom on key aspects of social life and how to be aware of bullying and making sure that we keep wary of our self-esteem. To keep in touch with other years in the Middle School, we have been assigned Year 6 buddies that we socialised with and taught them about things you have to prepare for in Year 8. 10 weeks later, I still greet my buddy whenever we cross paths and if he has any troubles, he knows that he can come to me for help. Recently in Leadership, my teacher has been encouraging us to do something for somebody else and contribute 8 hours of community service to the local community. For my community service, I have been participating in planting at Lake Claremont, playing music at an elderly home, and walking the neighbour's dog. From my experience in Leadership, boys our age still have a lot to learn in subjects such as this" Chris Zyweck

Sport @ Scotch: "In Year 8 sports all the boys have a selection of sports in the Summer and Winter terms. Everyone has a chance to do their favourite sports like basketball and football. All the boys have done well in their sports competing against other schools like Hale and Aquinas and other schools we compete against." Tiarell Nikki

Curriculum choices: "The Curriculum choices and subjects at Scotch College have been very hands-on and working for me - especially Humanities and Metal design. I really like the curriculum set up with the Criterion A, B, C and D. At my old school the curriculum was very boring whereas here you can get marks for being neat and working out. In Humanities now we are doing a really exciting project on Medieval history and we get to choose anything to do with the development in Medieval societies. I personally am doing castles and how they change during the time. I really like the curriculum choices and subjects at Scotch and would promote this school to anyone." Matt Steinepreis

8F class: At the beginning of the term, I started here at Scotch College. My previous school was Churchlands Senior High School, which I had been at for a year. 8F has welcomed me very warmly and included me in everything. Moray camp was a great way for me to discover new friends and experience the great outdoors. At lunchtime and recess the boys have been great by including me in all the activities." Nath Evers

Mr Lawrence Felgate

8F Homeroom Teacher