10 September 2018

Art News

'The Lost Thing', is a charming tale written and illustrated by the West Australian artist, Shaun Tan. The Year 3 artists were intrigued by the captivating imagery in the storybook, which was inspired by Tan's childhood days collecting shells at North Beach. The story is one of belonging, noticing and not noticing, how the business of life may just stop us from truly seeing or possibly caring.

After reading the story and watching the short animated Oscar winning film the boys had the opportunity to draw their own 'Lost Thing'. Drawing from a vast array of unusual lost looking objects, the Year 3 artists imagined how they might come to life. Sketching from first hand observation, they were able to evolve their images using their imaginations and making their creatures come to life. The materials used were varied and reflected the boys' unique and lively response to the story and their own ideas of their 'Lost Thing'.

Ms Jane Roche

Junior Art Specialist