18 June 2018

French News

Bonjour everyone, are you ready for the end of term and les vacances? They are getting closer by the day… Where will you go? To France? Martinique? Mauritius? I know our very own art teacher, Ms Jane Roche will be visiting Paris in July, we wish her "bon voyage" for her trip. Back to all things French in the Junior School, the Pre-Primary students have been working hard on their family vocabulary. We have a great collection of fun activities that the boys have been doing each French lesson. We begin each class singing about la petite coccinelle - the little ladybird - and the boys do actions with their hands as they sing, to show the marking of the dots on the ladybird's back. Then each boy can place his dot on the ladybird as we do the roll. When working with family words the boys have become very proficient at rolling a ball to each other and saying and translating family words for each other, as well as their favourite game cache cache when Mrs Riccadello and myself hide family flash cards all over the room and everyone has to go and find them. The boys even have a family song that they love singing and dancing along to. So, as we approach a lovely time for mixing la famille with les vacances, take care of yourselves and enjoy the break.

Madame Vinton

French Specialist