26 November 2018

Community Notices


We have received complaints from local residence and a call from the local police to remind parents that they must not block intersections and roundabouts around the College, particularly the Shenton Road/Stirling Road roundabout. This includes stopping and waiting to be able to turn left into Stirling Road from Shenton Road to pick up your child. Claremont police have advised that they will be policing the road rules in relation to intersections and roundabouts in the coming days and if you happen to be caught, you will be fined.

Please show consideration when you are picking up your child and ensure you do not create traffic jams, block driveways, park in places that are not permitted and block access ways. Saunders Street east of Wright Avenue is not to be used for dropping off your child. Traffic congestion around the College is an issue for the College with the Town of Claremont and its residents and we ask that you be considerate and courteous to others.