10 September 2018

2W News

Year 2W has been a hive of activity during Autumn Term as the boys enjoyed excursions around Perth's wonderful Public Spaces. We travelled to Elizabeth Quay, Perth Zoo, Lake Claremont and Kings Park as we investigated the form and function of these spaces and our responsibilities as users.

The trip to Perth Zoo provided a wonderful segway into our next unit, Sharing the Planet, as we learned about the impact that deforestation and pollution are having on our wildlife. The boys returned, full of enthusiasm and burning questions, ready to discover how they could take action and make a difference. We produced an assembly item to spread the word about recycling and will be sending our caped crusaders, the Greenies, around the campus to put up posters and hand out tips to everyone.

Currently we are designing and building our own eco friendly houses using junk materials and a lot of imagination. The classroom is awash with cardboard boxes and bubble wrap and we are really excited about the exhibition in Week 10 where we get to showcase our models and talk to our families about what we have learned.

We have had a fabulous time in the Senior School this week, sharing our favourite stories with the Year 12 boys. Wally the Wombat goes Surfing proved to be the top pick and hero worship was the order of the day. The morning was rounded off with a tour of the rooftop and a yummy Morning Tea. It is certainly a great collaboration for both young and old.

As you can see the July holidays will be a well-deserved rest for the boys of 2W. School is definitely a busy place.

Mrs Alison Webster

Year 2W Teacher