18 June 2018

Head of Junior School

Rising to the Challenge

The last fortnight has been a very busy one for the Junior School. Our boys have challenged themselves and competed against one another and other schools. At each endeavour the boys represented their College in the manner we have become accustomed to and have done us all proud.

Speakers Challenge

Each boy in Year 5 was asked to write a speech on the topic of his choice. They had been working with their teachers on what comprises an effective speech. They learned about how to link the content to their talk in a logical manner. They examined the important qualities of their presentation including the effective use of their voice. Finally, they worked to create a speech that would inform, persuade or entertain the audience. In their classes, each boy delivered his speech to his classmates. The teachers had the difficult task of selecting five boys from their class to complete in the Inter-House Speakers Challenge.

In Week 8, our top ten speakers presented their talks to the boys from Year 2 to 5, their parents and our three judges. The quality of the speeches was outstanding. The range of topics entertained the audience and clearly demonstrated the skills the boys had learned and had been practicing. Each speech was delivered with confidence, skill and degree of style. The judges were faced with a significant challenge to select the top three speakers.

The boys presented speeches on:

Daniel Kerfoot

Humble peanut butter

Noah Lewis

Amniotic band syndrome

Nic Langsford

Why I'm a Swan

Joshua Griffin

Evolution of Parkour

Hugo Poll

Why fishing should be a JPSSA sport

Marco Ghiselli

What if I rewrote the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears

James Cowan

The Lego dilemma

Alasdair Orr

The five most entertaining sports to watch

Tom Gray

A kangaroo in the West

Harry Smith

Why homework should be banned

Our top three finishers, Marco Ghiselli, Noah Lewis and our champion Dan Kerfoot went on to represent the Junior School at the IPSHA Speakers Challenge that the College Hosted in Week 9. 50 speakers from 18 schools descended on the Dickinson Centre for an evening of competition. The quality of presentations was outstanding. Each of the five rooms had to select their room winner. Each room winner presented his or her speech in the grand final. Our boys did very well, earning a bronze medal each for their efforts.

Junior School Captains Speeches

Boys in Year 5 have the opportunity to be a Junior School Captain if they choose. On Friday we held our Semester 2 Captains speeches. The boys each spoke passionately about why they wished to be a captain and what skills they would bring to the positions if elected. The boys from Year 2 to 5 voted for their preferred candidates. We will announce our Semester 2 Captains at our final assembly of the term.

JPSSA Cross Country

At the Christ Church playing fields, our Cross Country team for Year 4 to 6 competed in the JPSSA Inter-School Championships. The quality of the competition was outstanding with some incredibly fast times being run in each race. For the second year in a row, our team came out on top defeating Christ Church by a mere three points. The story of the day was not the win or our top finishers; it was the principled and caring attitude of one of our reserves. Will Fairweather finished in the top ten in our Inter-House event. By rights he was entitled to run in the JPSSA Championships. Will approached his coach and asked if he could give up his spot to another boy who was not able to run on the day. He did so because he knew that the other boy was faster that him. This selfless act was unexpected but ended up being the difference between first and second place.

Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund Walk-a-thon

Type 1 Diabetes is a disease that affects 120,000 Australians and is one of the most common chronic diseases amongst children. The Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund works to find a cure and to assist those afflicted by this illness. On Friday, the Junior School went on a 'walk for a reason'. Boys from Year 1 to 5 sought sponsorship from family and friends to raise money for the JDFR by walking around Lake Claremont. The day was one of fun but with a serious message. The efforts of the boys have made a difference and the $6291.55 they have raised (so far) will assist the JDRF to support families and to maybe one day find a cure. Well done to the boys for their outstanding efforts.

Mr John Stewart

Head of Junior School