10 September 2018

Community and Service

Service Action in Tanzania

The sixth joint Scotch/PLC expedition to Tanzania departs this Sunday. While the trip includes a climb of Mt Meru (4566M) and a safari to Ngorongoro Crater, the primary aim of the trip is to continue supporting the rural village of Matipwili in its effort to improve teaching and learning conditions and opportunities. Previous trips have restored seven primary classrooms and the teachers office, funded the construction of a library and Village Committee office and built a Resource Centre, to house 30 solar-charged computers. The latest project, at the request of the village, is the construction of a Trade Training Centre. The group of Scotch and PLC students and staff will continue work on this large project, alongside village builders and volunteers.

The Chapel services in the Senior School last week highlighted the friendships that have been established over the 12 years of the partnership. While the bricks and mortar projects are worthwhile and welcomed, more than anything else, the people we have got to know in the Matipwili appreciate knowing that we care, that we are thinking of them and that we will do our best to enhance opportunities for all the people of the village.

tanzania men

The lives of the two village men pictured above illustrate the strength of the partnership. Bori, on the left, was sponsored to come to Perth. He spent time at Scotch, working with the Grounds Team and also speaking to students about life in a rural village in Africa. Francis on the right was supported through secondary school and College by the family of one of the PLC students on an earlier trip. He became Student President of his Teachers College and he is now a very promising teacher within Tanzania. There are many other stories like this that mark the depth of impact far beyond the 'hard labour' work carried out periodically by our visiting groups.

The Essence of Service

While we want all Scotch boys to serve in the community and work towards becoming Servant Leaders during their lifetimes, not all boys will be moved by their experience of service. That is not to say that their service is any less appreciated by those being served, but rather the transformational impact may not be there for the boy.

tanzania boys

However, when the conditions are right, when the boy feels safe and performing a valuable service, when there is a rich context and a personal connection, THEN the service IS transformational. This can happen just down Shenton Road at Romily House or at Rocky Bay as it can on a service trip to Tanzania, India or Cambodia. The aim of any good service-learning programme should be to maximise the opportunities for boys to taste the essence of service and truly understand the power of serving others.

Year 10 Round Square Exchanges 2016/17

Application forms for the exchanges of the 2016/17 academic year are required to be submitted by the end of this week. Boys applying for exchange will be interviewed early next term, prior to placement in a school. Forms should be given to Mrs Anne Thomson or Mr Bill Cordner.

Mr Bill Cordner

Director of Community and Service