10 September 2018

Art News

Art is a very important part of Aboriginal religious life. The artwork maintains traditional representations and styles. Much of the painting produced still continues to represent many of the desert dreaming stories. The traditional sand paintings have been replaced by paintings on canvas and new styles such as dot paintings and x-ray imagery.

The Year 4 artists were enthusiastic to learn and discuss the use and meanings of symbols, within Aboriginal art. The boys begun by writing their own dreamtime story, inspired by the concept of how a chosen Australian animal got their particular character. Some example titles include "How the Echidna got its spikes" and "How the Kangaroo got his bounce". The boys were then able to identify, create new symbols and use the Aboriginal markings to illustrate their own Dreamtime story. A limited palette of natural colours produced striking results, against a black background. The boys were delighted with their outcomes, each differing in style and content.

Jane Roche

Junior Art Specialist