10 September 2018

Community and Service

Tanzania Expedition 2016

The recently completed 2016 expedition to Tanzania was the sixth since 2004 and once again involved students from both Scotch College and PLC engaged in a service project, a mountain climb safari and conference with Tanzanian students. The group of 26 students from both schools and six adults worked towards completing the building of a Trade Training Centre in Matipwili village. This is the latest in significant projects completed over 12 years - all aimed at improving in teaching and learning opportunities for village people. The four days of hard labour alongside village workers resulted in new teaching areas being painted, fly screens replaced in the Resource Centre (completed in 2012), and good progress made in building an amphitheatre. The money raised by the group prior to travelling to Tanzania should be sufficient to complete to Trade Training Centre in the next few months.

Tanzania building

The group also planted trees along the upper limit of cultivation on Mt Kilimanjaro. This project, coordinated by the International School, Moshi, involved our students working alongside Chagga villagers as part of a wider Jane Goodall 'Roots and Shoots' campaign to replenish dwindling tree stocks across Tanzania.

T planting

Thank you to all members of the Scotch and PLC communities who supported the service projects undertaken during the expedition by contributing to fundraising in the 12 months prior to departure. Over $20,000 was raised, with all money going towards the purchase of materials needed for the Trade Training Centre and resources for a number of local schools visited during the trip.

A Walk for Diabetes

The recent initiative by Junior School boys to raise money for Type 1 Diabetes research highlights the impact that determined groups can have, particularly when touched by a personal encounter. While the College is approached almost daily to support great causes, those involving members of our own community directly helps give meaning and context to the effort. If boys have a link - through knowing an affected community member, or through research and advocacy - then the fundraising will be much more transformational. Congratulations to the Junior School boys and staff involved.

Mr Bill Cordner

Director of Community and Service