26 November 2018

News from 7B

This term has seen the 7B boys embrace our new iLearn unit on all things water related. We began by looking at the world's water crisis (apologies to families who now have a plastic bottle in their toilet cistern!) and were shocked to discover that 1 in 10 people do not have access to safe water. We then began our investigations into the science of water; focusing on solutions, suspension and colloids.

Jarvis and Henry exploring a suspension mixture

Our unit on Paper Planes in English has ensured that there is no scrap paper remaining in the building, as boys hone their plane making skills. The boys have started a journal, inspired by Dylan's journal in the book and movie, based on a subject of their choice. It has been fascinating to learn about topics ranging from robotics to cooking, and we look forward to reading future entries.

Ms Andrea Goodison & Mrs Robyn Bose

7B Homeroom Teachers