4 February 2019

Science Fun in Year 6T

As part of our iLearn topic of Science this term the Year 6 boys had Scitech come out to teach them more about Chemical Science in the laboratories upstairs in the Middle School. As each Year 6 boy is preparing his experiment and report for Science Fair Day, the gentlemen from Scitech explained to them the basic three states of matter and the difference in an independent, dependent and controlled variable.

The boys then were able to break into groups and participate in the different stations that were set up throughout the laboratory. These included polymer worms, making a volcano, strange sand, magnetic mixtures and super absorbent animals. The boys had to work with their group to conduct the experiment and then find the science involved in each.

After this the 6T boys had time to discuss their findings and then were able to make green slime in plastic zip lock bags. A fun day was had by all and we cannot wait to see the boys take control of their own experiment for the Year 6 Science Fair Day on Thursday 18 August!

Mr Daniel Turco

6T Homeroom Teacher