4 February 2019

French News

Bonjour everyone. In Week 2, Madame Vinton and Year 1G contributed to the School assembly with a song in French. The boys did a wonderful job singing in front of everyone in another language. So many people commented on how cute they were… and I have to agree - très mignons. For our item, we chose a song called 'Maman Je T'aime', which means 'Mummy I love You'. The song is about a picture drawn for our mothers, with a mouton (a sheep) and lots of fleurs et cœurs (flowers and hearts). In the weeks approaching the assembly, the boys practiced diligently and made accompanying paintings to hold during our performance, including the mouton made from cotton wool balls and lots of stuck on paper, fleurs et cœurs. They held them up as they sang so everyone could see their handiwork whilst listening to some beautiful French singing. Bravo 1G for a wonderful performance. I can't wait for our next French singing opportunity, the French Christmas Carol at the end of the year. Start practicing boys. Au revoir.

Madame Vinton

French Specialist