26 November 2018

French News

Bonjour everyone. Back in June, three of our Year 4 boys from the Junior School took part as finalists in the Alliance Française poetry competition. All of the Year 4's entered with a poem called 'Crayons de Couleur' that was allocated to our age group by the Alliance. We incorporated it into our lessons and practiced it every week, and at recess, until it was learnt by heart. Every Year 4 boy submitted a recording of himself reciting the poem to be considered for the competition. Our lucky finalists were James Winch, Nathan Liu and Ryan Wang from 4C. I accompanied the boys to the Alliance in Nedlands for the weekend recital and saw them all pre and post recital. There were a number of Scotch College boys there, as we had many finalists in the Middle School as well. They all did a lovely job and represented our school so well. That was the end of the journey for our three boys, who made us so proud to be finalists in our first Junior School attempt at the competition. However, there were four older Scotch College boys who won their round and will be awarded prizes at the ceremony in November. Bravo to everyone for doing a really superb job, we look forward to entering some more grades in next year's competition. Au revoir.

Madame Vinton

French Specialist