26 November 2018

4T News

Who can believe that we are close to the end of Winter Term with time zooming by faster than the speed of light. There's been a bustle and busyness to the term that has seen the remarkable lads of 4T engage with an impressive sense of commitment and caring toward each other and the rigors of their learning.

The boys in 4T have spent the better part of the term ensconced in their unit of inquiry about explorers. This has allowed them to appreciate the scope with which they themselves can discover. They were mathematics explorers when they unraveled the mysteries of puzzling number patterns and science explorers when they visited the labs of Curtin University to perform all manner of experiments.

In considering what constitutes an actual explorer, the boys were given the opportunity for independent research into historical and modern explorers of the land, sea and sky. Their investigations highlighted the remarkable journeys people have made, the courage with which they ventured and the personal risks they each took to achieve a mission, discover something new and add value to their society or the environment.

Inspired by their research and modern day explorers who continue to set new heights, the boys undertook a challenge to create their very own grand and grueling expedition. With a foundation in the realm of the possible, lads sought to explore the new planet Kepler, use submersibles to document hydrothermal vents in the Pacific Ocean, and investigate ocean sink-holes and their impact on marine species. These are just three of the brilliant and amazing ideas designed by the boys. I have no doubt that National Geographic will be knocking down the doors of these future explorers in years to come.

Another type of exploring saw the boys engage in a forensic mission for Science Week. MacKellar Hall became the scene of a crime and also that of an investigative lab. The boys considered the impact of botany, human DNA, fingerprints and general clues to establish a pattern of events and circumstances that revealed the whereabouts of a missing boy. The experience was built around a real life event, which gave the boys a real sense of purpose as they explored each clue and solved the mystery. Fortunately, the missing lad was found safe and sound.

It is safe to say, that the boys have enjoyed a tremendous term filled with opportunity and discovery. They are adventurous souls, every one of them, and they bring to their learning a unique brand of courage. What a joy it is to work with such vibrant, creative and engaged lads. One can only look forward to the last miles of Spring Term, knowing full well it will be an exciting road to the finish.

Mrs Rebecca Turkich

Year 4 Teacher