26 November 2018

Duke of Edinburgh Award

The following boys have achieved their Duke of Edinburgh Awards. It is pleasing to see increasing numbers of boys completing the necessary requirements to be awarded the Bronze and Silver Awards. Two of the 2015 leavers, Graeme Stewart (Shearer) and Tim Andrew (Ross) have recently achieved their Gold Awards and will receive them at a ceremony at Government House in October so congratulations to those boys as well.

Bronze Award:

Connor Enslin (Year 10, Stuart)

Auxence Gide (Year 10, Anderson)

Max Locke (Year 10, Ferguson)

Tanay Narula (Year 10, Stuart)

Daniel Paganin (Year 10, Shearer)

Nick Price (Year 10, Cameron)

Fraser Cull (Year 12, Ferguson)

Alexander Perry (Year 12, St Andrews)

Silver Award:

Simon Ferreira (Year 11, Ross)

Matthew Simich (Year 11, Shearer)