26 November 2018

Information Learning Technology

Year 12 Laptops

A reminder that parents of Year 12 boys have the option of buying their son's laptop. It is important that boys back up to an external USB drive any files or documents they intend to keep before having their laptop re-imaged for purchase or handing back.

Year 10 Laptop Rollover - October 10 and 11

All efforts are made to ensure that your son has access to reliable and up-to-date technology to complete his studies. Parents who have a son moving into Year 11 at the start of Spring Term are reminded that they must select one of two dates for their son to come into the College and receive his new laptop. Students will be reminded of this during the coming two weeks. Please contact the Tech Centre on (08)9383 6866 if you have any queries.

Laptop Cases

This is a reminder that your son's laptop case can be swapped out under warranty if the zip breaks. Boys must visit 1Degree in JS/MS School Library or SS Library and they will arrange a replacement. https://ask.scotch.wa.edu.au/faq/97932

Laptop Power Adapters

Please encourage your son to charge his laptop at home. Power adapters that are brought to school can be lost easily which would then result in a charge of $119.00 for a replacement. Should your son's power adapter have splits in the cable, this can be exchanged for $89.10. Please visit 1Degree in JS/MS Library or the Tech Centre.

Mr Brad Tyrrell

Dean of Information and Learning Technology