26 November 2018

Art News

The end of Winter Term showcased the 2016 IPSHA Visual Arts Exhibition. Hosted at Presbyterian Ladies' College, the biennial event provides schools with the opportunity to celebrate students' Visual Art in a professional arena.

The official opening was held Sunday 11 September from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm, highlighting the wealth of creativity throughout the 25 participating junior schools.

During Week 9, the Year 1 and Year 4 boys had the opportunity to view the many magnificent art works on display. They were amazed and inspired by the diversity of different subjects, mediums and techniques exhibited. The young Scotch artists were particularly drawn towards the collaborative large-scale sculptural artworks.

As an educator, it was a joy to hear the students appreciate, respond and discuss the works of others. This opportunity provided a unique insight into the minds of the boys. Getting to know the 'creative boy' and exploring the interests of our youth, is just one of the many delights in the teaching of the Visual Arts.

Ms Jane Roche
Junior Art Specialist