10 September 2018

Friendly Schools and Families

The social and emotional learning areas of the Friendly Schools Plus programme are; Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Skills and Social Decision-Making.

Below I have expanded with an explanation for each of these areas, which are explicitly taught throughout the year by the physical education staff (one period per fortnight) and by the classroom teachers (one period per week).

Self-awareness skills help us to recognise and understand our feelings, while valuing our strengths and abilities.

Self-management skills enable us to handle and direct our emotions in appropriate ways.

Social awareness skills help us to be aware and respectful of the feelings and perspectives of others.

Relationship skills help us to deal with relationship problems and other social conflicts.

Social decision-making skills help us to consider the consequences of our actions for others, and ourselves and make thoughtful, effective decisions.

Mr Warwick Norman
Friendly Schools and Families Coordinator