26 November 2018

Pre-Primary News

What a wonderful beginning to term it has been for Pre-Primary. The boys were beyond excited when they entered the Centre for the first time on Wednesday morning. As they ran through the doors, stopping for a hello hug on the way, they immediately began to explore their expansive new space. There were shrills of excitement to see the new shiny trikes, bikes and scooters and all of the wonderful indoor and outdoor spaces. Inside, the boys recognised their treasured games, blocks and toys, which instantly connected them again after the term break. In the coming week, we will be in the outside areas playing in mud and sand, making dams and rivers, rolling down the grassy knoll and hiding in the tunnel, or simply looking over the fence from our tree top ledges at the beautifully manicured lawns and the glistening lake pretending we are in a Jurassic World. There is no limit to our imagination. We all feel so very grateful and privileged to have such a wonderful learning environment.

Mrs Sue Phillips
Pre-Primary Teacher