26 November 2018

Head of Middle School

Dear Parents

Spring Term is here and there is some real excitement in the air. It is warmer, summer uniforms are on, there are some exciting Outdoor Education opportunities for every boy in Middle School and the end of the year, well that is rapidly coming into sight.

Our final Clan for the year will be out soon, with Middle School articles both in the magazine and the digital form. I could not resist including this photograph of the Highland Games from the last day of term, with the boys in their kilts and Tristan Woodhouse OSC '98, whose gentle persistence inspired the return of the Games.

My welcome back to term comments to students last week centred on recognising that although this is a nine week term, with two half weeks, Outdoor Education programmes and rehearsals, means it is, in fact, much shorter than nine weeks. Reports are due and we all know preceding reports will be end-of-semester assessments. My advice to the boys was to give school work, assignments, study and assessments the highest priority they possibly could for the next six weeks and finish the year feeling that they have given every subject their best.

This term we have welcomed back Jo Walden, our Art teacher who is back from Maternity Leave, and can announce that Jenny Lightfoot, Librarian, had a baby girl, Isobel Mae Clementine Lightfoot, during the holidays. Mrs Marie Grech is our new Librarian and you will see an article from Mrs Grech on reading for boys in this newsletter.

I look forward to seeing you at our first Assembly of the term this Friday in the Dickinson Centre.

Mr Richard Ledger

Head of Middle School