26 November 2018

Keeping Boys Reading

This past term, I have concentrated on introducing myself to our boys and getting to know them. I have explained to them that I came from a family of migrants where English literacy standards were low and education was not valued, and as a result, I learned to read later than most children and remained a reluctant reader for most of my young adult life. This personal history has made me realistic about the challenges boys, in particular, face, not only in learning to read, but remaining a lifelong reader. As a mother of an 11-year-old who would rather do anything other than read, I believe that matching a book to the individual is the key to keeping boys reading. I told our Middle School boys this term that the most asked question by a parent is "why has my son stopped reading?" I explained to the Years 6 to 8 students that "research shows that boys stop reading at 12; it is a proven stereotype. If I don't get you reading and keep you reading now, then I have lost you forever." A key factor in keeping boys reading is the role of male mentors who can encourage and engage with boys in their reading. To help boys and their parents, I have compiled a 'bucket list' of reading for each year level, as a starter list of books that should engage the boys, and this will be loaded onto the Library webpage http://library.scotch.wa.edu.au/middle this week.

Ms Marie Grech

Teacher Librarian