26 November 2018

Digital vs Print; Textbook Options for Boys

Welcome back to the boys as they commence the Spring Term. For those in the Junior and Middle School this is their final term of the year, and for those in Senior School it is the start of a new academic year.

The students in Senior School have returned with new timetables and with that, the resources to support their learning. Middle and Junior School students will undertake this process over the Christmas holidays.

The School offers a combination of digital and print resources through our booklist suppliers; Campion. In an effort to maximise a student's learning, we believe in providing choice to students regarding the type of resource they use in the classroom.

Some students, for a variety of reasons, prefer text resources and for others the choice will be digital. There are students with specific learning needs who will choose the best option to suit those needs.

As publishing companies look to support the use of technology in classrooms, there are those offering digital only resources, whilst others are still in a position to offer both print and digital.

When digital textbooks first appeared as a resource they were largely a substitute for a print book. That is, they offered a digital copy of the same words, diagrams and illustrations as the print version. However, as publishers have invested heavily into the development of digital resources the vast array of support material including video, quizzes, web links, live dictionaries and editing tools continues to grow. It is for that reason, that students who select a print only textbook may not have access to all of the features as offered with a digital book.

It is the College's preference that as a minimum, boys who are looking to order the print version of a resource, purchases the digital and print version as a package, which will enable them to access the same content as their peers.

Parents who are looking for support in this area, are encouraged to contact the teacher of the particular subject, who can offer guidance and assistance in making the choice of resource.

Mr Peter Allen

Director of Teaching and Learning