26 November 2018

Year 2W News

It has been a special time for the Year 2 cohort. Not only did we get to watch our Year 12 Buddies in their March Out parade but they visited us in our classroom for the final time. The boys, by this time, have formed a great bond and it was really wonderful to watch their interactions. Both young and old were totally immersed in their activity and we have captured some great memories. The footage will be stored in the Time Capsule, ready for unveiling at future reunions not to mention the graduation ceremony of our Year 2 boys. There may be some red faces at this point as the dress up box proved a huge hit and all caution was thrown to the wind as Buddies produced an iMovie trailer of their friendship and hopes for the future. As a teacher it was such a thrill and privilege to witness this special time for our boys and the initiative is one that I hope will remain a tradition in the College.

Mrs Alison Webster

2W Teacher