26 November 2018

Vocational Education and Training: Opening Doors

At Scotch College, we have enjoyed a long successful history of boys who have engaged in and found great value in our Vocational Education and Training Programme. This was on display for all to see at our March Out Assembly on 14 October.

As part of the VET programme coordinated by Mr Aaron Gale and supported by Mr Peter Frusher we had 22 boys receive their Certificate IV in Business from the Fremantle Education Centre (FEC) by completing units including developing teams and individuals and coordinate implementation of customer service strategies.

The boys spent one day per week at the FEC and maintained their other academic commitments whilst doing this Certificate IV. This qualifies them for minimum entry requirements into four of the five Western Australian Universities and provides a multitude of opportunities for the boys post-schooling.

We also saw boys receive Certificate II qualifications in the following areas:

  • Certificate II Sport and Recreation
  • Certificate II Process Plant Operation
  • Certificate II in Marine Operations
  • Certificate II in Business

Both the Certificate II in Sport and Recreation and the Certificate II in Business where offered at the College as part of timetabled classes for the first time in 2016.

A number of boys in Year 11 have just commenced a Certificate II in Music Production as part of our Music General course and we look forward to seeing how the boys progress in this programme.

Within Independence, Vol 41 No 2, October 2016, Mark Hands the CEO of two Australian Trade Colleges presents a view of VET programmes in schools, ' Any parent understands that all children are different and must consequently be treated differently with an appreciation for each child's unique talent, passion and capacity.'

With this in mind we shall continue to review and develop the VET offerings we have at the College to ensure we support all boys on their chosen pathway.

Mr Peter Allen

Director of Teaching and Learning