26 November 2018

8M Middle School Journey Coming To An End

With only four weeks remaining until they complete their Middle School journey, the boys from 8M sat down to reflect on what their time in the Middle School has meant to them.

An initial class brainstorm revealed that our boys are proud of the inroads that they have made in regards to the IB learner profiles. Students have enjoyed becoming inquirers, learning through tasks in which they were able to research and show independence in learning. They have thrived in unfamiliar situations where risk-taking had taught them to learn from their mistakes. They now understand the importance of a balanced lifestyle for intellectual, physical and emotional well-being and they can see themselves becoming strong thinkers and communicators.

The final part of the boy's reflection was to produce a personal quote that gave an insight into their time in the Middle School. The following is a sample of their quotes:

"Through all the hard work and experiences in the Middle School you will develop knowledge about you as a person. This is the most important achievement that you will take from this journey." - Julian Kyriakou

"To succeed in the Middle School you need team work, commitment, respect and hard work." - Adam Barwood

"Everyone makes mistakes in the Middle School but it is the ones who correct themselves that truly succeed." - Charles Carew-Reid

"Life in the Middle School is not a straight line to a destination. It is more like a rollercoaster with challenges and tribulations that need to be experienced. This is what preparing boys for life is all about." - Toby Dew

"Over the years in Middle School you learn so much you never thought was possible." - Oliver Stipanicev

Mr Darren Mumford
8M Homeroom Teacher