26 November 2018

Year 2F News

Life has been very busy in 2F this semester. We have enjoyed sharing interesting presentations in our inquiry about significant people. We have had the opportunity to inquire into people in history that interest us and who have made a difference to individuals and communities. Mrs Fowles loves the new open space in the classroom as now we have the Apple TV to use for our inquiry presentations.

A highlight this year, has been the "hands on" activities that we have explored in Maths to consolidate each topic. Who knew Maths could be such great fun. Activities this term have encompassed using balance scales in Mass and consolidating Place Value concepts using ping pong balls and scoop nets. The boys have especially enjoyed playing "Scoot" because they get to self assess by using their QR reader.

We have begun our final UOI for the year, "How We Express Ourselves" and are looking forward to making connections with how different cultures celebrate various traditions. Our unit will culminate with the presentation of the 2016 Year 2 Nativity in Week 8.

We are excited to visit Miss Samson each week to work on our final Assembly item. Parts have been cast and the boys are busy learning their lines. Mrs Fowles was most impressed to hear that Hamish and Cohen spent the first day in the library with their scripts. That just shows how eager the boys are. Hamish mentioned that Dad also has the script on his phone so he can practise anytime.

We don't want to let the cat out of the bag but be prepared ... this year's Nativity isn't a traditional one. You have been forewarned, there will be some characters around Junior School and it won't be the usual variety. Now that we've piqued your interest, be sure to get in the Christmas spirit and come along to the MacKellar Hall on Friday 2 December at 2:15 pm to see a Nativity with a twist.

Mrs Tara Fowles

Year 2 Teacher