26 November 2018

French News

Bonjour everyone

The Year 4 boys began their marine pollution unit this week and to start it off, we went on a beach clean up excursion to Floreat Beach. The clean up was in affiliation with the Tangaroa Blue Marine Debris Initiative, which is compiling a database on marine debris all around Australia. If you wait a few weeks until our beach waste information is added to the database, I'm sure you'll find that Scotch College will soon be listed in their "Schools" section. We are also talking to a French school in Reunion Island about sending information from their own clean up on the other side of the Indian Ocean, for us to pass on to Tangaroa Blue when they do theirs in January. The boys will be learning a collection of marine creatures that are affected by marine debris, such as les dauphins, les baleines et les requins. They will also look at what elements of waste cause the most distress to our marine creatures. The boys were wonderfully involved and so thorough in cleaning up items that had washed ashore, from plastic lids and ropes to old carpet and plastic bags. How fantastique that we have now removed those items from our ocean.

Au revoir

Madame Vinton
French Specialist