26 November 2018

French News

Bonjour everyone

Our Year 5 boys had a very successful exhibition in Week 4. The quality of work and the excellent presentation skills we saw in the gallery space were both wonderful. They also completed an exhibition presentation for French. After a class brain storm on things we would like to do or achieve as adults, every boy wrote five french sentences of their future plans, coupling the verb 'aller' with verbs as varied as 'to travel', 'to discover', 'to fly' and 'to create'. From those five sentences a recording was created. Each boy donned his headphones to listen to a sound bite by Madame Vinton, which allowed them to practise their pronunciation. Once the boys were confident with their own pronunciation, they recorded themselves saying their five sentences aloud. Subtitles were added to help those of the audience who weren't French speakers. These recordings were spliced together by Mrs Richie and then played in a continuous loop in the exhibition space. So as you see, it was a team effort to produce our video. Everyone thought the boys did a wonderful job sharing 5 complicated french sentences using the future tense. How merveilleux that our boys can now explain their future plans to everyone. Bravo les garçons

Madame Vinton
French Specialist