26 November 2018

Teaching and Learning 2017

A very Happy New Year to all of the Scotch College Community, I hope you had a wonderful break and enjoyed your time with your families over the Summer holiday.

In 2017, within Teaching and Learning at Scotch College, along with our continued delivery of academic programmes we have some very clear projects to deliver:

  • The International Baccalaureate Self Study
  • Approaches to Learning; a K-12 approach
  • The design of a Year 9 and 10 academic programme
  • Enacting recommendations from the Academic Support and Enrichment review
  • Development of design for upgrades to the Senior School Learning spaces

International Baccalaureate Self Study
As part of our position as an IB World School every five years the College undergoes a process entitled the self study. The self study is a process of reflection on how we deliver the Primary Years Programme in Years K-5, the Middle Years Programme in Years 6-8 and the Diploma Programme in Year 11 and 12. As part of this process we will be engaging the community to give us feedback on each element of the IB programmes offered at the College and we thank you in advance for your contributions.

Approaches to Learning
The approaches to learning are an essential set of skills for students to thrive at school and beyond. The approaches to learning come to us via the International Baccalaureate, yet are very much a representation of what represents a contemporary approach to Teaching and Learning. Essentially, the focus of our teachers will be to explicitly teach the skills along side content to ensure that our students develop a range of abilities to be able to process information and deliver both at school and beyond the College. The approaches to learning can be identified within this diagram:

teaching and learning

Year 9 and 10 Academic Programme
In 2016 the College made a strategic decision to implement the MYP in Years 6-8 only commencing in 2018. This decision allows the Senior School to develop a rich, rigorous and contemporary teaching and learning programme designed for the boys of the College as they prepare for their final years of schooling. In the Middle School it allows for us to continue to develop upon the strengths of the MYP and apply this in an exciting, inquiry driven teaching and learning programme. A steering committee has been established to consider the philosophy and pedagogy, curriculum delivery and elective structures that will make up the new Year 9 and 10 programme. As the content is finalised it will be released to parents and students.

Academic Support & Enrichment Review
In December 2016, the College received the final report from Professor Dianne Chambers from the University of Notre Dame which had reviewed the College's Academic Support and Enrichment programmes across K-12. This six-month review captured the perspective of many elements of our community including students, staff and parents. The review highlighted the fantastic work which occurs in these areas at the College and also outlined recommendations to further improve the provision of education for students that require academic support or those identified as benefiting from further enrichment. In 2017 we shall be working as a collective to enact many of the recommendations we received as part of this process.

Senior School Campus
Over the Summer, the College has seen much activity. In particular, the transformation of one of our classrooms into an industrial kitchen that will see the delivery of Food Design in the Senior School for the first time on campus. Additionally, as part of the College's Master Plan we have developed major plans to upgrade the Memorial Hall and to develop the design of the new Teaching and Learning building. We shall continue working with the College architect Taylor Robinson to ensure that our learning spaces offer our students an opportunity to learn in an environment backed by research as to what suits modern learning needs.

Throughout 2017, I encourage you to develop a strong relationship with your son's teacher and continue to offer them the wonderful support we have become accustomed to as we progress our partnership in educating your son.

Mr Peter Allen
Director of Teaching and Learning