26 November 2018

Courses to Strengthen Relationships

Relationships Australia offers a number of courses to strengthen relationships ranging from one night seminars to eight week courses. A broad selection of programmes and topics are offered that reflect the complexity of 21st century life; eg

  • A Parenting Tune-Up For Fathers
  • Fathering After Separation
  • Dads Raising Teenage Boys
  • Building Stronger Families
  • Kids And Today's Technology
  • Parent-Teen Connection
  • Tuning Into Teens
  • Successful Single Families
  • Making Step-Families Work
  • Mums Raising Teenage Boys
  • Change And Loss - A Life's Journey
  • Emotional Intelligence

For more information visit http://www.relationshipswa.org.au/courses-and-seminars/Building-Relationships.aspx or phone 6164 0233.