26 November 2018

Primary Years Programme (PYP) Learner Profile

IB PYP Self Study

Welcome back everyone. Each fortnight I will be presenting information relating to the delivery of the PYP programme as well as any upcoming teaching and learning special events. This year is a particularly poignant year as we will be commencing our self-study year as part of the IB Evaluation process which for the first time will be occurring across all three sub-schools simultaneously.

During the self-study the School is expected:

  • To determine its own assessment of the implementation of the programme, according to the Programme standards and practices and programme requirements.
  • To identify major achievements during the period under review and to identify practices that need further development.
  • To consider that the self study will take place over at least 12 months because all those involved in the organization and implementation of the programme should contribute to this process: members of the governing body, administrators, teaching and non-teaching staff, students and parents. It involves looking at all aspects of school life that are affected by the programme.

An information session for parents new to Scotch College Junior School and the Primary Years Programme will be held on Tuesday 14 February from 8:45 am - 10:00 am in the Dining Room Annexe.

Mr Warwick Norman
Junior School Dean of Teaching & Learning