26 November 2018

Information Learning Technology

iPads and Laptops in the Junior School

There is great excitement in the Junior School as the new boys in Years 2 to 4 received their iPads and all our Year 5 boys received their MacBook Air laptops on their first day last week.

We are ensuring 21st Century learning for our students with our 1:1 device programme. Effective use of the iPads and laptops have:

  • Increased independent and self-initiated learning among students
  • Increased student motivation and active engagement in learning
  • Improved teachers' capacity to plan for and meet individual student needs
  • Led to an improvement in student learning outcomes
  • Extended students' learning beyond the classroom

The boys have amazing support structures to help them manage their devices. We have the 1Degree staff to assist the students and teachers directly when issues arise. 1Degree is situated in the new Middle School and Junior School Library and is open between 8:10 am and 4:00 pm.

Tuesday 7 February will be a very exciting day for the Year 1 boys. Boys and parents will attend their iPad rollout session, detailing all of the important information about using and looking after their new devices.

We will run Parent Education Workshops (PEW's) throughout the year to help parents navigate the iPads and laptops as confidently as their son's do. We look forward to updating the community with the amazing ways the boys are using their iPads and laptops to enhance their learning.

Mrs Amanda Ritchie
ILT Integration Specialist