15 October 2018

IB Diploma Results 2016

The College is delighted with the 2016 IB Diploma results and congratulates all boys on their achievements. We are pleased that Drummond Orr earned a perfect score: 45 Diploma points and when one considers that 0.66% of students sitting the November examinations earns this score, it is a remarkable achievement. It is also pleasing to acknowledge that James Naylor-Pratt earned 44 points, Rory O'Sullivan earned 42 points and Jordan Campbell earned 41 points.

I use the verb, "earned" intentionally because these outstanding results are not solely attributable to intellectual ability; they are a result of hard work, commitment and resilience. This is the sixth Scotch cohort to sit Diploma examinations and, over the past six years, there have been many gifted students who have sat these examinations and achieved commendable results but under-performed because they failed to understand that success in the Diploma Programme requires consistent commitment to process work, attention to detail and the implementation of feedback provided by their teachers. The brightest haven't always been the most successful but the attentive and resilient have always excelled.

The College is especially proud of the many students from the 2016 cohort who achieved better than expected results. Though they did not score 40+ points, many were on the cusp and earned 4 to 5 points more than was predicted. The College Mission Statement points out that we as a community value "excellence regardless of ability; we value personal achievement and an international standard of excellence". We are very proud of all students' results.

Scotch boys performed well in all subjects but it was especially pleasing to note the level of excellence in the Film Higher Level course. Under Ms Mecham's tutelage, boys excelled once again and scored well above the World Average with the highest score a Grade 7 and the lowest a Grade 5.

Scotch offers its students the finest teachers and I encourage all boys to embrace this opportunity and broaden their skill-set. We live in a world that, increasingly, seeks out the expertise of those who are multi-skilled and creative.

Mr Michael Scaife
IB Diploma Coordinator