26 November 2018

Middle School Assembly

At Middle School Assembly this Friday 24 February we will present our Year 8 students, last year's Year 7 students, with their Certificates of Academic Excellence for Semester 2, 2016. These awards are presented to students from Year 7-12 each semester based on their previous semester's levels. Boys earning an aggregate of 30+ from their top 5 subject levels receive a Certificate of Academic Excellence. More information on how Academic Excellence Awards are linked to Academic Colours and Honours in Senior School is detailed on both the Middle School and Senior School Handbooks.

Also at Middle School Assembly this week we have a representative from the Smith Family Foundation introducing the Student2Student reading programme whereby interested Year 6-8 boys can sign up to mentor a young struggling reader with their night time reading over the telephone.

As always, parents are most welcome to attend our assembly in the Dickinson Centre at 11.30am.

Mr Richard Ledger
Head of Middle School