26 November 2018

Action Research in 7.6M

Young people see the world and their own issues differently than adults and the Action Research Projects being undertaken by the Year 7 students aims to give them a voice.

In Week 2, 7.6M undertook some team building challenges with 7.5G that involved building the highest tower out of spaghetti and then going on a Treasure Hunt around the College campus. Once completing these two fun activities the boys reflected on the key elements needed to make teamwork successful. The 10 Treasure Hunt clues were a segue into the Ten Steps to Research which will be a key feature of the iLearn programme this term.

Each Year 7 class will be commissioned by a business or organisation to collect data on a topic chosen by the commissioners. 7.6M are really excited to be working for Perth Glory FC. Once we return from camp the boys will meet with the Chief of Operations for the club to find out exactly what data research it is they want the boys of 7.6M to collect. To say the boys are excited about this is an understatement!

Miss Deborah Mullin
7.6M Homeroom Teacher