4 February 2019

Community and Service

Disabled Surfing Event

The second Disabled Surfers Association (DSA) Event for the Summer was held at Leighton Beach recently. This was the 33rd DSA event attended by Scotch boys as volunteers. In near perfect conditions, around 60 disabled participants enjoyed the morning of fun in the surf, attended by teams of volunteers. Many local schools now support the event, along with adult volunteers. For Scotch boys, DSA events provide a genuine volunteer experience of immense value to the disabled community in Western Australia. With events also at Bunker Bay in the South West and in Geraldton, there are now opportunities for disabled in regional areas to use this great service.

DSA photos

The next Disabled Surfing event will be held on Saturday 18 March.

World's Greatest Shave

greatest shave logo

Scotch Year 12 boys will have an opportunity once more to participate in the Leukaemia Foundation's World's Greatest Shave to fundraise for leukaemia research. Last year, Scotch assisted PLC girls to raise over $90,000 - one of the highest amounts raised by a school in Australia. The event this year will take place at PLC on Thursday 6 April. Year 12 boys interested in participating will need to register on-line and parents will need to sign a permission form for their son to take part. Details of registration and the logistics around the event will be emailed to all Year 12 boys by Service Vice Captain, Tim Reynolds.

UnitingCare West & Schools

Project for Social Equity

At the 2016 Student Forum, 'Be the Change', a movement towards working as a combined Uniting Church (UC) School Network was commenced, with UnitingCare West (UCW) as the link. It was identified and discussed that by schools working together, we could achieve a greater outcome. During the Forum students developed a mission statement to guide our intentions:

The UC School Network encourages people to increase independence, reduce isolation and inspire change through education, service and advocacy to enable a better future for all.

The first meeting of the Project for Social Equity group will be held on March 22. Year 11 boys who are interested in participating in this combined schools group are asked to contact Mr Cordner.

'As our society has become information rich, it has become action poor. It has become poor in the necessity and possibility for struggle against the environment. As affluence has increased, the young person's environment has become impoverished for responsible and productive action, or any action that tests and develops him.'

Kurt Hahn, Founder of Round Square

Mr Bill Cordner
Director of Community Service