26 November 2018

Year 3W News

It has been a dynamic start to Summer Term for the boys. We have taken advantage of the beautiful weather to get out of the school and explore exactly what it takes to belong to a community.

Using Penguin Island as a provocation, the boys observed many different animal groups and how they live together harmoniously. We saw dolphins, sea lions, osprey, stingray, pelicans and penguins, so we really were spoilt for choice.

On returning to school, it really helped us to focus on our school community and how everybody at Scotch College needs to respect similar rules and accept responsibilities. We didn't know that helping others could be so much fun but our trip to the ELC proved that sometimes it is better to give than to receive.

As a result of our Loose Parts Action initiative we have secured some extremely cute buddies in Kindy and Pre-Primary who have asked us back for a play soon. It all goes to show that accepting responsibility and working for each other helps to make our Scotch community so strong.

Mrs Alison Webster
Year 3 Teacher