26 November 2018

7.1W Investigates How We Learn Best

This term in 7.1W iLearn we have been working on an Action Research Project. The focus for the unit is learning the skills of data research and analysis. Mrs Berry has asked us to collect data from Middle School boys at Scotch College about how they learn best. Being given this opportunity to have a voice about how we learn is exciting. We have come up with a range of questions to ask our fellow students. Questions like, does the learning environment have an impact on how you learn? Do we all have to learn the same content at the same time? Do you enjoy interclass activities? Why? We will be using a range of techniques to collect our data, like surveys, observations, questionnaires, interviews and focus groups. The data is then interpreted and analysed by the 7.1W boys and presented back to Mrs Berry in Week 10, with our recommendations. We have quite a lot of work to do before that, but we are excited by the challenge that we have been commissioned to do.

Below is a photo that was taken at the start of the project when we were getting to know each other and completing some challenging team building tasks. This one was building the highest spaghetti tower using only spaghetti and marshmallows. It was a sticky build!

Mrs Karen Woods
7.1W Homeroom Teacher