26 November 2018

Headmaster's Commendations


Oscar Bird

Oscar has consistently displayed the 'caring' IB learner profile this term. He has taken a new student under his wing in 8R and helped him to settle into the busy daily routine in Middle School. Oscar's commitment to cricket is second to none - always willing to collect or put away stumps, offer others to bat before him in the nets, helping with checking boys during attendance. He is always willing to help others and the teacher. It has been a pleasure to have Oscar be part of this group, both in the Homeroom and cricket.


Daniel Cooper

Daniel has consistently shown enthusiasm, integrity and motivation to succeed across a range of subject areas. He is a friendly and supportive young man who is a pleasure to have in the classroom.


Cole McLarty

A new boy to Scotch College this year, Cole has settled into Year 8 quickly and has already displayed all of the IB Learner Profiles. In particular he has shown he is principled, knowledgeable and a caring individual who is an asset to the 8C Homeroom. Cole is developing into a great new member of the Scotch community.


Tom Turkich

Tom is a delightful young man who greets me daily in a polite and cheerful manner. I believe that he embodies many of the qualities of being an IB student, such as being caring, balanced, principled and open-minded. Tom has a maturity beyond his years, in addition to having the potential to be a strong leader.


Edward Graham

Edward has made an outstanding transition into the Scotch College Middle School and Boarding House. His motivated, positive and open-minded approach to these changes in his life demonstrates a highly resilient and courageous young man. Edward interacts courteously and kindly with peers and teachers alike and is establishing himself as fine Scotch Boy of whom the College can feel very proud.


Daniel Curtin

Daniel has had a flying start as a new student at Scotch College. His friendly and amicable personality has made a great impression on staff and students. Daniel has also jumped straight into the Middle School Drama Production and PSA Sport. He is engaged in classroom lessons and his inquiring mind has seen him ask some probing questions. It has also been wonderful to hear him ask questions about new things he is unfamiliar with. Daniel is a delight to have in Middle School and is a valuable member of our community.


Tom Gray

Tom is an inquisitive, organised and hard-working student who consistently demonstrates a high level of application to all his work. His start to the year has seen him demonstrate a natural desire to learn and passion for inquiry. Tom not only has the verbal skills to ask high level questions but also excels in the clarity of his written work, keeping detailed notes as well as organised files and note books. This is particularly impressive given that he has had unavoidable absences from school this term. He is a sociable and well-liked student who has been welcoming to new members of the school community. Tom demonstrates integrity and service in all his endeavours and is to be commended for his efforts.


Felix Japp

Felix is an open-minded and proactive student who is enjoying a positive start to his time in the Middle School. Being new to Scotch College he was quick to assert himself as a caring young man who is happy to serve others. Felix is often the first to volunteer to help and, to his credit is quick to ask for assistance when needed. He is a passionate sportsman who enjoys being a member of the Cricket B's. Felix's sustained efforts in maintaining a high level of personal organisation and integrity in his interactions with others are his strengths and he is to be commended for a fantastic start to his time in the Middle School.


Lachlan Richardson

Lachlan is a knowledgeable young man who has made an outstanding transition to Middle School. He exhibits a positive outlook and attitude in the classroom and shows initiative and looks for new ways to get involved. Lachlan takes responsibility for his own learning and is committed to doing his best. He is a conscientious and hard-working student who is exceeding expectations with the quality of his work. Lachlan can be proud of his efforts.