26 November 2018


Leadership is influence and it can take many forms. Each year the Junior School provides a range of opportunities for boys to show their leadership skills and nominate for a leadership position.

In every class, we have class representatives who are elected by their peers and represent their class for a semester. They take on responsibilities such as collection of recess and lunch orders, and they get to work closely with Mr Norman to raise concerns or queries on behalf of their class. The class representatives also receive awards at assemblies on behalf of their class.

In Year 5, any boy wishing to nominate for House or Specialist Captain have the opportunity to do so each semester. The Specialist Captains are responsible for liaising with specialist subject teachers, reporting back to the community and often throughout the semester, host or be a part of organizing an event for the Junior School boys to participate in. These captains also meet weekly to work on their ideas, learn about processes and find out more about what it takes to become a good leader.

Similarly, the House Captains are responsible for leading their house into all sports carnival. They lead the war cries at assembly if their house is the winning house of the fortnightly award card tally and they participate in a range of inter-house competitions run within the school week.

The Junior School boys learn an array of things from public speaking, negotiating activities and ideas, establishing responsibilities, in addition to running and organising small events throughout the year. The leadership programme in the Junior School creates a lot of conversation amongst the boys and it is extremely gratifying to see their positive attitude and willingness to have a go and step up to the challenge of being a leader.

Miss Penny Hooper
Deputy Head of Junior School